Friday, September 10, 2010

Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Jack & Ken's Ale

Last month, I posted my review of Fritz and Ken's Ale, the first of Sierra Nevada's 30th Anniversary beers.

Jack & Ken's Ale is a black barley wine, the third of the four beer series. The beer poured a dark brown, blackish color with a two fingered width tan head. The nose is malty, with cloying hops underneath. The body is interesting, huge up front but short, big chocolate notes before immediately moving into a long, lingering dry finish that features some sharp bitterness. The glass was coated with hanging lace.

Overall, this is another great beer from the Anniversary Series. Big and bold, yet a dangerously easy drinking barley wine that hides it's 10% ABV incredibly well. I loved it as is, but am very interested to see how it ages.

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