Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Stone Levitation Ale

Stone's Levitation Ale poured a reddish amber color with a finger width, off white head. The nose is clean with lots of hops and a strong pine needle aroma. The body is also really clean; smooth and malty up front, followed by a blast of hops that lend a crispness to the body. The finish is quite dry and has a long lingering bitterness.

Overall, this is really hoppy amber ale. There is a touch of malt sweetness up front but the body and finish are overwhelmingly bone dry. This beer is made with quality ingredients but the hops and bitterness are a little too much for me. I think that this beer needs food to either cut or compliment the dryness. This is a well decorated beer with awards such as the 2007 GABF Gold Medal, but I think that Stone has better, more balanced beers to offer.


Brad said...

I consider this to be one of the best session beers in the world, thanks to its low ABV and tons of taste. Not for everyone I guess.

The Foaming Head said...


This is a well made beer, but for me a sessional should not require me to reach for my water glass. I think it needs just a little more balance and it would be a very good beer. It is super clean and the aroma and taste really show through.