Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dogfish Head Midas Touch

Dogfish Head's Midas Touch was created from "an ancient Turkish recipe using the original ingredients from the 2700 year old drinking vessels discovered in the tomb of King Midas".

Midas Touch poured a clear, orange color with a huge off-white head. The aroma is sweet with malty undertones. The body is smooth, full-bodied and has some notes of sweet fruit. The finish is mild and leaves a light tangyness.

Overall, this is a really nice beer. The rich body is deep and complex and the sweetness really works well. This "beer" did not need a huge finish and Dogfish did a nice job of doing just enough on the finish to complment the beer.

The sweetness, texture and lightly noticeable alcohol in this beer reminds me more of a port rather than beer, wine or mead. I would pair this with a dessert if I had to choose a course but I rather have Midas Touch by itself to appreciate the different flavors.

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