Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Bryce Eddings Ignores Loves The Foaming Head!

Editor's Note: Bryce has added us! Both of our blogs are on his blog role. We are glad that he took this blog entry as the good natured joke that it was meant to be. Bryce is a great writer and if you have not subscribed to his About.com beer newsletter then we suggest you head there and do so now.

I subscribe to About.com's beer e-mail newsletter written by beer enthusiast Bryce Eddings (left). The e-mail usually contains three short articles from Bryce about the current going ons in the beer world. The articles are always interesting and entertaining. So imagine my excitement when I got my new e-mail and one of the articles was a list on great beer blogs that Bryce has recently come across. We not only have this great beer blog dedicated to Domestic Craft beer but another great craft beer bog dedicated to New York Craft Beer. Clearly at least one of the blogs would have been listed. Heck, we have even started video bogging our beer! Well it turned out neither of our blogs was listed! We are even Facebook and Aleuminati friends with Bryce! It may take awhile but I have a feeling I will be able to forgive Mr. Eddings. Despite the glaring omission this is a great list as all of the following blogs are very good and I read the majority of them.

Brookston Beer Bulletin
Pete Brown's Blog
Yours for Good Fermentables
Homebrew Korea
Beer Haiku Daily
Got Beer?
Stonch's Beer BlogA Good Beer Blog
The Realbeer.com Blog
The Beer PhilosopherHome Brew Beer
Days That End in Y
Kegerators Blog
Monday Night Brewery
Seen Through a Glass
Jack Curtain's Liquid Diet Online

SevenPack.netAppellation Beer

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