Saturday, January 24, 2009

Porter and Stout

As a bartender and owner of a craft beer website, the question that I am asked the most is "What is the difference between a porter and a stout?" The simple answer is that a stout is basically just a stronger version of the porter.

The porter was particularly popular in London and was the first choice of the porters who were known to drink a large amount after their workdays.

While the porter style was very popular, brewers began to experiment with it and ended up brewing a stronger version that was called a stout porter. This version was a little heavier, more roasted version of the porter. Brewers went on to make doube and Triple Stouts, but eventually the porter part of the name was dropped and they became known as just Stouts.

For a more detailed history on both the porter and stout you can check out our website here and here.

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