Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Stone Brewing Company Takes a Big Green Step

California's Stone Brewing Company will begin treating its own wastewater shortly. While the move will help out the environment, Stone has said that the primary motive behind the change was to save money. The problem started when the local wastewater treatment facility was unable to handle Stone's wastewater because it contained to many dissolved solids. The city gave Stone a cap on the amount of waste they could send to the local plant, which led to Stone having to truck the rest to a plant in San Diego at the cost of $12,000 a month. Last year, Stone sold 2.1 million gallons of beer which was good enough for 20th best among all craft brewers. The company expects to surpass that total again this year despite the shaky economy.

Stone makes excellent beer and I am a fan of any move that will help them save money as well as help preserve some natural resources. If anyone has yet to try Stone's Arrogang Bastard or their Smoked Porter, I suggest you get to a beer store ASAP.

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