Saturday, August 2, 2008

Bell's Returns to Chicago!

Bell's beer is returning to Chicago and Illinois after a two year absence. President and Owner Larry Bell decided to pull the beer from the state in 2006 after a dispute with his distributor, National Wine & Spirits Inc. Bell signed a new deal with Central Beverage Company and has allready shipped 750 kegs to Chicago. Bell warns that it will be a slow, steady process; saying "We can't turn the tap on just like that. It's going to be a process. It will take a little bit of time."
I thought that the timing of this news story was interesting considering I was fortunate enough to actually meet Larry Bell this week at the Lazy Boy Saloon in White Plains, N.Y. Bell was in town for a beer conference and was clearly excited about his beer being back in Chicago. I has not been lucky enough to taste any of Bell's beer since it is not distributed in New York, but I have heard that I need to get my hands on it somehow.

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