Thursday, March 1, 2012

Stone Vertical 11.11.11

In 2002, Stone Brewing Company released their first beer in their Vertical Epic series. Stone encouraged customers to cellar a bottle of each vintage and to enjoy an "epic" tasting after the last vintage was released on December 12, 2012.  The 08.08.08 was an incredible beer so we couldn't wait to try another vintage.
11.11.11 poured a clear, light brown color with a two fingered width, off white head. The nose has cinnamon and chillies laying ontop of some malt. The mouthfeel is soft, with decent weight and low carbonation. The beer finishes with a a nice amount of chillies on the backend. 
Overall, this is a really good beer. A big beer that is balanced and hides the ABV well, the chillies are present without being overdone.  Another great offering from Stone's Vertical Epic line.   

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