Monday, May 9, 2011

Dogfish Head Namaste

Namaste poured a cloudy, yellow color with a two fingered width, white head.  The aroma is light, with wheat, spices and plenty of lemon.  The body is delicate, with plenty of lemon, some earthy notes, and a little citrus zest on the backend.  The beer finishes with a light, yeasty dryness and left the glass coated with hanging lace. 

Overall, a great seasonal beer that will be fantastic in the summer and above average during the colder months.  The entire beer is a little light, even for a Belgian wit, but the flavor profile is complex and offers enough to satisfy.  A decent beer from Dogfish that will be plenty enjoyable during the warmer months.


Mike Crimmins said...

Just had this beer yesterday. I've heard some people complaining it's not much of a beer, but I think it's the perfect beer for after being outside in 90+ degree Florida weather.

The Foaming Head said...


I agree. Not my favorite wheat but still very enjoyable and perfect for Florida.