Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Smuttynose Short Batch #9 Rogue d'Shire

While Smuttynose is one of the more well known craft brewers in American, you can beer fans if they have never heard of Smuttynose's Rogue s'Shire. The beer is part of Smuttynose's Short Batch Series, an series of beers with extremely limited production. You can find the story behind Rogue d'Shire on the Smuttynose Brewer's Notes blog.

Rogue d'Shire poured a ruby red color with a paper thin, white head. The aroma was juicy, sweet with lots of raspberries. The body is short, with a little hint of sweetness, and raspberries before a super tart finish that puckers the mouth.

Overall, this was a nice sour. The raspberry balance is perfect, sweet up front with the short body transitioning quickly to the tart sour notes left on the palate. On my recent tour of Smuttynose, Director of Brewing Operations David Yarrington explained that some experimental brews were sitting in the wooden barrels I had inquired about. If what was in those barrels was as good as Rogue d'Shire then anyone fortunate to taste them is in for a treat.

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