Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Oliver's ESB

"The ESB at the Pratt Street Ale House is served from 21.6 gallon casks (kilderkins) through a traditional English beer engine from a separate cask room maintained at 52F. The ESB is 6% ABV, medium bodied and red in color. It is brewed using our base pale malts (see above), crystal and chocolate malts and torrefied wheat. Bittering hops are cascade & Kent Goldings and it is finished with English Fuggles."

Oliver's ESB poured a dark copper color with a pen width, off white head. The aroma is mild, dominated by malt. The body is smooth and creamy, with a full mouthfeel. The malt bill is rye-like with just a touch of sweetness before a slightly dry finish that lingers for a bit. The glass was left with a coat of hanging lace.

Overall, this is just flat out a wonderful beer. It is simple, yet well made. Perfectly balanced, malty with a little dryness on the ended and rounded out very nicely by the cask. There is a slight alcohol warmth on the back end that gives the beer just enough bite. This is a beer that can be enjoyed every month of the calendar and can be paired with just about any dish.

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