Thursday, July 29, 2010

Old Dominion Hop Mountain Pale Ale

Hop Mountain poured a dark copper color with a thumb width, off white head. The aroma is big, with lots of hops and biscuity malt meshing together. The body has a full mouthfeel, a big malt backbone. There are heaps of fresh, piney, resiny hops on the backend before a dry, hoppy finish that lingers for a bit. The beer left some hanging lace left on the glass.

Overall, this is a solid pale ale that stretches the style guidelines a bit. It has an extremely big body, drinking a little bigger then it's 5.6% ABV yet is able to stay fairly but stays simple. This is a big, bold beer from Dominion that is worth a try.


Ilya Feynberg said...

I just got a couple bottles of this beer in a beer trade a week or so back. I'm saving it to try with some friends. I can't wait to give it to try it. I've heard more or less the same you've felt about this beer.

Though if it's an IPA I have to try it. :)

Do you know if Old Dominion has a Double IPA in their line up of styles by chance?


The Foaming Head said...

No Double IPA.

Anonymous said...

OD Double IPA debut Thursday at Rams Head in Savage