Friday, July 23, 2010

Old Dominion Dortmunder Lager

Dominion Lager poured a clear, orangey yellow color with a two fingered, frothy white head. The aroma is clean, with a light mixture of hops and malts together. The body is smooth, a little thin up front before getting bigger. There was a touch of sweetness, with bready malt and a yeastiness to it. The finish is short and dry, just enough to dry the palate out. There was some hanging lace left on the glass.
The dortmunder style is one of my favorites and Dominion makes a pretty nice representative of the style. It has a really nice balance, and more then enough body. The body was a bit thick in the middle, and it is just one step below some of the great dortmunder beers out there. This is a great weekend beer and at 5.6% ABV more than one can be enjoyed.

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