Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Brewer's Art Resurrection

From Brewer's Art: "During the fermentation of the first batch of Brewer's Art Resurrection "the yeast «died» and was «resurrected» by brewer Chris Cashell."

Resurrection poured a clear, light brown color with a paper thin, off white head (This may be a result of not the best pour by the bartender). The aroma is malty with hints of dark cherries. The body is smooth and medium bodied. There is plenty of malt here, a little sweetness, plenty of dark fruit notes and a little dryness on the back end. The finish is simple, short and a dryness to it.

Overall, this is a really good abbey ale that falls just short of being great. It is a very well made, layered yet balanced. There is plenty of tasty aspects here and the sweetness is not overdone. This is a great local beer but is just missing a distinct characteristic that would make it a classic.

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