Friday, July 9, 2010

Beer Steins

One of the most often discussed topics in the world of beer involves what the proper glasswear is for drinking a particular style of beer. There are dozens of different style glasses, many of them designed for a specific style. Hundreds of years ago, there was no such dilema as everyone drank from a beer stein.
Beer steins are any beer container that contains a handle and a hinged lid. They were traditionally made out of stoneware which is a material made from fire clay. Over time, they have also be made with pewter, porcelain, silver, wood, and crystal glass.
Beer steins usually consist of two sizes, either .5 Liter or 1 Liter, although they have been made in much bigger sizes. A stein without a hinged lid is referred to as a mug. These steins came originated in Germany during the 14th Century. With plagues and hordes of insects covering Europe, the German government passed laws that all food and beverage containers be covered with a lid. Over time, these steins were adorned with intricate designs, with shields, political and religious scenes being the most common.

Beer Steins can be difficult to find but there are several websites that offer a wide selection. The best website to buy a quality stein is 1001 Beer Steins. In addition to making a wide variety of quality steins, 1001 Beer Steins has the World's Largest Beer Stein for sale. This stein stands 4 feet high, weighs 35 pounds empty, and can hold a whopping 8.45 gallons of beer.

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