Friday, February 19, 2010

Great Divide Titan IPA

Titan IPA poured a clear, amber color with a finger width, off white head. Aroma is is hoppy with some underlying bready malt. The body has a decent amount of malt up front with a little sweetness before the hops start to take over and lead to the finish. The finish leaves a lingering dryness that invites the drinker to have another sip.

Overall, this is a really nice IPA. The aroma is inviting, the body is clean, well balanced, and "assertive" as the label promises. Titan is easy drinking, especially for a beer with 7.1% ABV. This is a must try for all craft beer drinkers, especially IPA fans.

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Shane L. said...

I had this recently and was quite impressed. This one made me an instant Great Divide fan. Loved the color, aroma and mouth feel. Thanks to the 7.1, I also enjoyed the buzz. Definitely a must-try for my fellow IPA fans!