Monday, July 6, 2009

Otter Creek 'Otter Summer Ale

Our latest beer review is the 'Otter Summer Ale from the Otter Creek Brewing Company. The company describes the beer as a "'highly drinkable, light bodied wheat ale". They also mention that the beer is "Often served with a slice of fresh lemon". (Why?!! Why?!!? Why?!?! If you think the beer you are brewing needs more lemon in it, Why don't YOU ADD IT IN DURING THE BREWING PROCESS???) Anyway, onto the review.

Otter Creek Summer Ale poured a clear, yellow color with a two fingered width white head. The nose is light with hints of lemon. The body is light and smooth. The finish has an average amount of hops that leads to a more pronounced lingering bitterness because of the mild body. Overall, this is not a bad beer but really nothing special. There is nothing that stood out at all and the only feeling I could muster up is "nondescript" which is appropriate since the actual review of the beer is so uninspiring. I have a feeling that this is designed to be a mild, summer sessional which is ok for having a few at the beach, but nothing that really impresses me.

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