Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rogue Chipotle Ale

Chipotle Ale poured a clear, dark red amber color with a frothy, white head. The nose has a pleasant pepper smell and there are some malts on the front palate. There is a subtle smokiness in the middle where the beer starts to give off a warm mouthefeel. The flavor of peppars comes alive as it gets warmer before becoming a little more mild and moves into a nice prolonged balanced finish. The beer leaves some lace which is evidence of the malts that I tasted on the first palate. I am not usually one for gimmick beers but Rogue has brewed a pretty good beer here and while I could not have more then one, Chipotle Ale is definatly worth trying for any beer fan.

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Anonymous said...

Definitely one to try..I too am not a fan of "novelty beer" but your post has me intrigued!