Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dogfish Head Golden Era Imperial Pilsner

Dogfish Head's Golden Era Imperial Pilsner is a new incarnation of Dogfish's Golden Shower. It poured a smaller head and a hazy gold color. This pilsner has a strong malt nose that contines through the first sip and into the mid-palate. The middle also has a slight citrusy, orange note. There is not much of a finish, and it seems like the beer "falls apart" after such a big beginning. This isn't a terrible beer, but it isn't all that great either. It seems that Dogfish tried to make this a big, huge pilsner with all of the malt but the beer seemed rough around the edges and not very smooth. At 9%, it packs quite a punch and I would definatly lay this one down for awhile and let it balance out. It would be interesting to see how this beer drinks in a year.

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